Union Terminal, Cincinnati

Union Terminal was a central hub for Cincinnati’s railways untill 1972.Now it is in need of structural makeover and it was included in the National Trust’s 2014 list of America’s most endangered historiac places.


TCS Siruseri Campus

Siruseri IT Campus for Tata Consultancy Services is comprises a total of 12 buildings with varying height featuring five storeys in eight buildings and seven storeys in five buildings.

Waldspirale, Germany

The Waldspirale’s breathtaking diagonal green roof is planted with grass, shrubs, flowers and trees that wind their way up the path of the 12 story building.

Al Dar Headquarter

Al Dar Headquarter is a 121 M tall, 23 floor semispherical building comprising two circular convex shaped facades linked by a narrow band of indented glazing.