The Lotus Building and People’s Park

The Lotus Building and People’s Park is a beautiful building takes its name and form from the blooming lotus flower, and shows the three stages of the flower from the new young bud, to the full ripe flower through to the opened bloom with a seed pod within it.


National Center for Performing Arts

National Center for Performing Arts is believed to be the deepest architecture in Beijing. It includes the main building, the underwater corridors, the underground garage, the artificial lake and the green space.


Karen Demirtchyan Sports And Concert Complex was opened in 1983 but forced to close within a year and a half after a fire in 1985. A renovation process took place until the end of 1987 when it was ready again to host concerts and sport events.


Engineering Design and Research Centre has won a prestigious international award instituted by the International Federation for Structural Concrete.

Namaste Tower

Namaste tower-Namaste means respectfully ‘greeting’ or ‘bowing’ in hindi. The clasped hands are the basis of the concept for this hotel tower clearly make a statement to invite people into the building.