Building Name -: Engineering Design and Research Centre

Location             -: Chennai , India

Architect            -: L&T

Description      -:

  • L&T has won a prestigious international award instituted by the International Federation for Structural Concrete (better known by its original French name of Federation Internationale du Beton or FIB).
  • This structure chosen for a Special Mention by the Jury as an Outstanding Concrete Structure.
  • The award was received by Mr. A. Ramakrisha, L&T’s Deputy Managing Director, at the FIB Congress held in Osaka, Japan, on October 16, 2002.
  • The Osaka Awards are given to structures completed between 1998 and 2001, for which 41 entries were received from 12 national member groups of FIB.
  • The impressive architecture made of a series of levels with different orientations in a floral pattern spreading out from the central column.
  • This structure is an exemplary application of pre-stressed concrete with sophisticated shapes produced from a repetitive use of formwork.
  • This houses more than 600 design engineers and technical personnels.

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