The Turkmen State Circus

The Turkmen State Circus ia a 16-m high flagpole with the national flag of Turkmenistan was installed on the dome of the Ashgabat circus.


Namba Park

Namba Parks is a combination of 3 elements: a mall, a park, and a circulation space flowing through it.Unique feature of the park is Grand Canyon as a circulation of the building.

Capital Gate

Capital Gate is one of the tallest building in the city and inclined 18° to the west.Due to its strange design each hotel room is unique in size and shape, with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Martyr’s Memorial

Martyr’s Memorial is also known as Al-Shaheed Monument. The monument consists of a circular platform 190 meters in diameter.Both part of split dome slide to form a disjoint S -pattern.

Anara tower, dubai

Anara Tower was proposed a supertall skyscraper.The design combined with its orientation, allows 60 percent of the site space to have views out to the sea. Four connecting bridges at the rear of the building provide the flexibility for future expansion.