Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

Niemeyer’s poetic intention was for the form to emerge “from the ground” and “continuously grow and spread,” like a flower that rises from the rocks.


Fallingwater House

The house was built as a weekend home for owners Mr. Edgar Kaufmann, his wife, and their son, whom he developed a friendship with through their son who was studying at Wright’s school, the Taliesin Fellowship. Wright revolved the design of the house around the fireplace, the hearth of the home which he considered to be the gathering place for the family.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

It is based on a unique cloverleaf concept using three overlapping circles with the center removed to form a triangular atrium recalling the shape of a Wankel engine.The museum contains more than 160 vehicles, some dating back to the very earliest days of the motor engine.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub at Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) is a new educational landmark for Singapore.Instead of the traditional format of an educational building with miles of corridors linking box-like lecture rooms,
the university asked for a unique design better suited to contemporary ways of learning.

The Monument of Neutrality

The Monument of Neutrality is a 95-m structure like a giant lighthouse dominating over white-marbled Ashgabat is the tallest monument in Turkmenistan.