Mrina Bay Sand

At 845,000 square metres The Marina Bay Sands complex contains one of the biggest hotels in the world, famous for its triple towers linked at the top with a dramatically cantilevered sky garden, which extends 65 metres out from the side of the towers. Safdie said the project had put his American firm “on the map” in Asia. “The towers first of all sort of open up at the base to form an atrium, and because the site is triangular, or at least wedge-shaped, one opens more, the next one less and the last one even less so there’s a dynamic of changing geometry,” explained Safdie.


Ryugyong Hotel

Ryugyong Hotel is an unfinished pyramid shaped skyscraper. The structure was originally intended to house five revolving restaurants, and either 3,000 or 7,665 guest rooms.

Piano House, China

Piano House is designed by students of Architecture Department Hefeyskogo University of Technology (Hefey University of Technology),developed in conjunction with the designers of Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Co.